Month: March 2013

This animal called negative ethnicity…time to deal

This issue called negative ethnicity has been on the lips of many Kenyans. For good reasons; the just ended elections seem to have brought out this disease that resurfaces every 5 years (or is it an ever-present disease that just gets a face every 5 years?). (more…)

America is no longer the greatest country

We have been urged to get back to normal biz as we await the results of the elections, so normal biz it is. That includes my blogging I guess. I do hope we are not still stuck in front of TV or perhaps social media waiting for the results. We did our part, God is in control so chill pill it is.

One of my favourite things to do is watching series’ (especially those series’ that just cause me to be up all night glued to my TV). (more…)