Month: December 2014

Friendships that last through tough seasons

This morning I begrudgingly transitioned from the book of Esther to the book of Job. My one year bible plan says if you will read the book of Esther and love it, then you have to read the book of Job, we are in it for the good and the bad. So the book of Job it is. If I was honest, I would confess that the book of Job is easily my least favorite book in the bible. However, I have come to accept it as one of those necessary stuff, not for pleasantries but for the lessons God placed in it. So I asked God to open my heart and speak to me through this book. The journey has begun with some very real truths, a revelation of friendships that last through the thick times.


Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

I love learning. Steve Jobs says something that I relate to, “Stay Foolish. Stay Hungry”. Carol Mutoko paraphrases it in the language we understand, she says “Never arrive” i.e. usiwahifika! That perhaps is what these year has been about, a year of growth and learning. (more…)