Middle class

Don’t quit your job!

Ever heard this theory that for you to live out your purpose you must quit your job? Okay if you have not heard the theory, everytime you have a ‘purpose conversation’ with a coach or people living out their purpose, do you feel like they are silently advocating for you to quit your job; they may not say it loudly but the people they interview have quit their jobs and so you feel the pressure to do so as well. You feel its impossible to discover your purpose while at the workplace or settings you currently are in? I have met people from developed nations who feel like they need to visit a third world country to connect with their purpose. (more…)


Darkness cannot drive out darkness

In the recent past, the activist in me has joined several Facebook groups; I call it my voice to the various ranges of issues this country faces. I decided me complaining in my bathroom was not enough and this groups presented a voice for my venting. (more…)