Take my dreams

Sometimes God calls us to do such impossible things, the kind that will often not make sense to us, the kind that feel like walking on water in this day and age. Often the question is why Lord; why can’t You call me some nice normal stuff. Why can’t you give me the easiest assignment? (more…)


A day with emoticons

I love these things called emoticons. They make life so easy. Somehow they always have the right picture that represents my emotions; sometimes I think they know how to express my emotions better than I do. The things even have a sign for clapping, hi five, soon there will be no need for words, emoticons will rule. Oh how I wish! (more…)

The devil wears prada

Did you ever watch the movie ‘the devil wears Prada’? I loved it! I watched it a very many times and I suspect even now I would still watch it yet again. It was such a nice chic flick movies, yer I am a gal like that, any chic flick will be a movie after my own heart! As I read the book of Nehemiah today, I thought about that movie.  I tell you this movie was not too off, the devil does actually wear Prada; he can look hot! (more…)

I have taken up machetes

This month I am reading the book of Nehemiah. It is such a timely book as we meditate over the Westgate attacks. One of the things God has been convicting about has been over the porous walls of our nation and the porous walls of my personal life, this blog post talks more about this>>before we accept and move on (more…)

Before we accept and move on…

We forget too fast. I forget too fast. Much as the events of last week had a significant impact on many of us, we seem to be quickly moving on; ‘accept and move on’ is our mantra. I know a month from now we will have almost fully forgotten the pain we felt last week. I know that probably the heightened security checks will probably have gone back to being lax. I know we will all stroll back to the malls again. It is what makes us an interesting people. We are very resilient. That means that we forget some things, and that’s perhaps not too bad a thing right? (more…)

Confessions of a heart

Have you ever battled with God over anything? Well I have. I have battled with God for the longest time over that I am not yet married. It has been what I would call an unpleasant battle. Funniest part is that everytime the battle was ending I was sure God heard me and like manna from heaven, my miracle was in the making. But time and time again this miracle has not come through. Each time I have thought this is the stuff we Christians don’t talk about; the unanswered prayer; the disappointment that follows; the questions. This blog post was written during one such time ‘The why question‘. I had a lot of questions that were followed by sulking; this blog post was on that period ‘my sulking week’. Note that these are just one of the many times I have battled with God over this being single stuff. A friend of mine the other day summarized it for me, that there must a sell by date for all things in life including getting married. However, this sell by date seems to have passed for some of us but for some reason God is not panicked! Haaa, how is that! (more…)