An army of givers

It still is the year of Jubilee

Towards the end of last year, there was a lot of hype about this being our year of jubilee. I caught on with the hype and was really looking forward to this year, to celebrate 50 years of independence, no mean act. Up until the year happened and life begun to unfold itself, and we even had a jubilee government; and somewhere along the way all this hype and excitement ended. (more…)



What again is a revolution….

Middle class revolution…this week someone sent me definition for the meaning of revolution. The small deeds I had listed in my previous blog seem not to have impressed on his definition of revolution. (more…)

Nairobi Half Life (or is it just Nairobi Life)

I have had a beautiful week, took some time off and rested. Good week and some rest means adds up to me struggling with a long list of things to write about! I guess that is what happens when we rest, new juices are filled, you see the world through new eyes. Everyday should be a resting day, then perhaps we would have lots to share about, well more of wishful thinking.

I finally got to see Nairobi Half Life! (more…)