Month: September 2015

Unchanging Steel Vs Malleable Clay

So a couple of weeks ago a new word visited my mind, the word was malleable. This is not the first time new words are springing into my head and too often those words have not meant what I thought they meant; if you have read this blog for long enough you have seen the many spelling mistakes, blame them on these bouts of words being dropped into my head. So anywho, I have learned to google the words and just make sure they mean what I think they do. So malleable was googled. It means, ‘capable of being extended or shaped by hammering or by pressure from rollers. Adaptable or tractable: the malleable mind of a child.’ Eureka, that’s the word I have been looking for a while and I like it, it has an intelligent feel to it. Malleable. mal·le·a·ble (more…)


Start-ups are hard!!

I have had a pretty event-full week. One of the highlights of the week was the birth of my very first nephew. He is the most adorable little person. I think he will be one calm boy, more like my father who he is named after. However, calm as he may be, watching him I could not help but see how delicate he was. Yani it’s so easy to break his every bone so that while holding him should be the easiest thing, it is kinda traumatizing. (more…)